Letter: Stick together to oppose Mid-States Corridor

In this election season, it’s often difficult to get our candidates to take a position on an issue, especially if it might be a highly charged issue, like a new terrain highway.

I have sent position statement requests to every gubernatorial candidate, our local and state Representative and Senate candidates, the Martin County Alliance, and the Farm Bureau (both local and state). To date, only Senator Bassler has responded. Sen. Bassler is opposed to any new terrain highways.

All this means is that none of the politicians want to muddy the waters by getting involved at the local, grassroots level. Are they afraid of alienating someone or some group or do they not really understand the impact something like the Mid-State Corridor will have on a small, rural community? I cannot say which it is.

During the Gubernatorial Debate the other evening issues like Regional Development Authority (RDA) projects were not discussed. Doesn’t it seem odd that there was no discussion of these issues? RDA projects are in the works all around the state. We here in Southern Indiana are not the only ones who are being adversely affected by RDA projects.

There is, however, a common theme: a locally created agency is forcing an unwilling populace to accept the demands of a minority. As I have stated in the past, they are doing this without our consent.

The Revolutionary War was not won in a day or even a year, in fact it took eight years, 1775 Р1783, to win. We can prevent the Mid-State Corridor; we just need to stick together in our opposition.

Jim Arvin
Rutherford Township
Martin County