Letter: Support a different candidate to avoid Mid-State boondoggle

The 2024 political season is underway, and some people will rejoice while others will lament this fact of life. The airwaves will be full of political ads, and there will be yard signs galore. Don’t let the glib promises fool you, and don’t be fooled into thinking that the Mid-State Corridor is in our best interests.

Sen. Mike Braun is not an outsider to politics, regardless of what his ads say. Nor is he a friend to farmers and rural communities. Sen. Braun, along with Shane Lindauer and Mark Messmer, were able to pass amendments to Senate Bill 128 in 2017. These amendments to the “transportation funding bill” allowed the creation of Regional Development Authorities. These authorities, with private and public funding, can make highway project decisions with no regard to the public’s input.

The Mid-State Corridor, an estimated $1 billion, 50-mile project from the Spencer/Dubois County line to I-69 in Greene County, is the reason for the passage of Bill 128 amendments. This boondoggle of a new highway will destroy thousands of acres of forest and farmland to benefit a small number of businesses in Jasper, Sen. Braun’s hometown.

The residents of Martin, Daviess and Dubois counties are, by far, opposed to this unnecessary project. Everyone in Indiana should be opposed to this project or any other similar projects that are being forced upon the residents of mostly rural Indiana.

The Republicans of Martin, Daviess and Dubois counties will support some other Republican candidate for governor who will better represent our interests other than Sen. Braun

Jim Arvin
Rutherford Township
Martin County