Letter: Taxpayers deserve better

Recently, I read an interview article with Governor Holcomb in the Indy Star. In the interview, he was asked about social influence and its impact on politics. As part of his answer and an accomplishment, he referenced the 2017 infrastructure bill and how he and the legislators that carried the bill took heat for it, but stated it was not done in a vacuum and that it has relationships to other issues whether we think it or not.

While he did not specifically state it, this bill was the one initiated by Senator Mark Messmer and then Representative Mike Braun to form the Regional Development Authority to try to push forward the proposed Mid-States Corridor project.

Here is my issue with this. Our legislators and political leaders continue to publicly state they work for us, the taxpayers. Yet here is just another example, and I am sure there are plenty of others where we taxpayers had no say on whether we wanted this or not.

I hate to disagree, but this entire process was done in a vacuum. It would also be interesting to know the answer to the Governor’s statement, “and it has relationships to other issues, whether you think it does or not.”, but I guess he assumes we taxpayers aren’t smart enough to understand it.

Mark Nowotarski, Dubois County taxpayer