Letter: Thank you for all the great arts & entertainment events, Dubois County

With the start of the new 2023 year, I found myself anxiously awaiting the announcements for what incredible arts and entertainment will once again be brought to our area.

While checking websites for information, I was struck with just how lucky we are with all that is offered. I pulled up the website for the Thyen-Clark Cultural Center, followed by the Astra Theatre, and then onto Lincoln Amphitheatre. Once I finished there, I did a quick search for updates about the Ferdinand Folk Festival before going over to the Jasper Community Arts site. I finished with a quick check of the events on the Visit Dubois County website to check on Huntingburg’s 4th Fridays and so much more.

The quality of arts and entertainment that is brought into our community’s backyard is enough to make much larger towns and cities envious.

So, I want to extend a hearty thank you to all that have played a part in getting these events/venues up and running and to all that continue to keep them going strong.

I close with an invitation to all to come out, support these many great artists, and extend a welcome fitting to the hospitality for which Southern Indiana is known.

Kerry Lueken, Celestine