Letter: Thank you to Election Board and Clerk’s Office

Thanks to Election Board and County Clerk’s Office for Focus on Voting

A Candidate Forum and Voter Outreach were two events presented this week to focus on the importance of voting in the Municipal Elections in Dubois County.

Thanks to the County Election Board and the Clerk and Staff of the Dubois County Clerk’s office for organizing these events to encourage voting in the upcoming election.

Monday the 17th the Candidate Forum held at VUJC allowed an opportunity for voters to hear the candidates speak about their themselves and the issues. The Voter Outreach at the Huntingburg Event Center held the following Tuesday featured the Indiana Secretary of State, Diego Morales as well as the County Clerk, Amy Kippenbrock who offered information about voting, the candidates, and answered questions about the process of voting and using the voting machines.

Candidates were in attendance as well as One-Dubois County that offered information about voter registration, and many representatives from local media covered both events.

Thanks to the County Election Board Amy Kippenbrock, Eber Menjivar and Roger Messmer for organizing an event that benefits everyone in Dubois County and allowing Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to all work together to encourage voting.

Father Theodore Hesburgh said, “Voting is a civic sacrament.”

I hope to see many at the Polls for early voting or on Election Day, November 7th.

Teresa Kendall
Dubois County Democratic Party Chairperson