Letter: The absurd “minimal” impact of Mid-States Corridor

Thanksgiving is over, and I’m sure we all gave thanks for our families, friends and many other things. Did any of us give thanks for the fact that we live in an area that has fresh air, large green open spaces, abundant wildlife and a moderate climate?

The Mid-State Corridor is trying to claim that there will be minimal impact on the ecology and the environment of Martin and Daviess counties. How absurd is this? The construction alone will destroy nearly 10,000 acres of forest and farmland, which will cause more toxic runoff into our streams, rivers, ponds and lakes. The air quality will go from fresh air to air that will have more exhaust than all of our tractors and farm equipment combined.

Noise pollution will increase significantly. I know this may sound silly when one compares the sounds of farming, but we don’t farm 24 hours a day; traffic, however, does continue 24 hours a day. There will be no respite from the relentless noise of a major highway. Noise is one of the many reasons we live in the country and not the city.

The Christmas season is rapidly coming, and once again, we can give thanks for the wonderful area in which we live. Perhaps we will have a white Christmas with clean, white snow unsullied by traffic grime from an unneeded new highway.

We must continue to oppose the Mid-State Corridor for the quality of life we have and what we want to live for future generations.

Jim Arvin, Rutherford Township, Martin County