Letter: Ultra-low diesel no reason for coal-to-diesel plant

I am a retired over-the-road truck driver and in response to Ray Striegel’s claim that we need ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel to keep this nation moving, he must understand that ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel is not a new product.  

Beginning December 1, 2010, all on-highway diesel vehicles were required to ultra-low using ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel.  Beginning December 1, 2014, all diesel non-highway, marine and locomotives were required to begin using ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel. As a truck driver, I cannot remember rolling into a truck stop to find they were out of fuel or had limits on the gallons you could purchase. This nation is already operating on ultra-low diesel fuel, so where is the benefit you write about?

From my perspective, the problem is the amount of pollution that will be created to get the ultra-low sulfur diesel from Riverview’s proposed refinery. Considering this process requires very high temperatures and pressures, the close proximity to town could be disastrous in the event of a major malfunction

I wonder what the American Lung Association has to say about the tons of carbon dioxide this proposed behemoth would belch out into the air?

Richard C. Lamb, Dale, Ind.

One Response to Letter: Ultra-low diesel no reason for coal-to-diesel plant

  1. Daryl Hensley December 31, 2018 at 9:51 pm #

    Richard, the benefits of having Riverview Energy in SW Indiana are three fold. First it is the economic benefit.

    2000 temporary construction jobs that will allow local tradesmen and women to stay home each week and participate in their children’s and grandchildren’s lives. Life Changing.

    255 Full time high paying jobs at Riverview Energy. Most of the jobs will be engineers, skilled labor.

    250-500 new coal mining jobs to feed the many tons of coal needed to make the diesel fuel.

    50-100 jobs in just bringing in raw materials and shipping out finished products.

    2.5B in GDP growth for SW Indiana. Using macroeconomics formulas, about 10-15% of that money will be spent locally. That is a boost of $240-375 million dollars toward our local economy that will be spent at hotels, restaurants, retail, auto and housing. This will generate even more jobs locally. A rising tide lifts all boats.

    Second, Riverview Energy benefits SW Indiana and the U.S.A. from a national defense perspective. The US has spent $6 TRILLION, let me repeat that $6 trillion since 9/11/2001 making sure we had sufficient access to the 10.14M barrels of oil we need each day to supply our countries cars, trucks, aircrafts, boats, whatever. Since that time the US has worked to become more energy independent and we are almost there. in 1977 45% of all our oil imports came from the Middle East, today that total is 17% and dropping. Conservation, alternative energy sources and exploration closer to home has made it possible to not rely on Middle East oil. We now only trade with friendly sources of supply in the Middle East. The products Riverview Energy will produce will put us that much closer to total independence. Electric cars, hybrids and affordable priced electric autos are coming. Not quite there yet. Affordable semi trucks are decades away. So every barrel that Riverview Energy produces puts us in a better position from a national defense position should the world just go crazy.

    Third, environmental concerns about Riverview Energy and its emmissions are often misrepresented by their opponents. IDEM has restricted Riverview’s emissions. The result is their emissions won’t even put them in the top emitters in SW Indiana. IDEM has restricted Riverview Energy’s emissions considerable lower than Waupaca in Tell City. In fact the emissions are significantly (33%) below what Purdue University emits. I don’t see all those students wearing masks to protect themselves when I’m on campus.

    I know the trees, corn and soy beans are going to benefit from the extra carbon.

    From a safety perspective, Waupaca, AK Steel and AEP are among the safest places to work in the area. Places like Riverview Energy will have the same OSHA safety standards to follow.

    BTW the American Lung Association has named ultra low sulfur diesel fuel a Clean Choice fuel.

    Daryl Hensley, Jasper IN