Letter: Why put people in power who don’t care about basic human rights?

It seems like wealthy rich kids turned older hobbyist politicians like President Donald Trump and Senator Mike Braun have no hesitations when it comes to stabbing gun owners and Kurdish allies in the back, both of which equal disastrous results for the regular folks in both physical harm and violations of any and all measures of decency and human rights.

Yet while they continue to try to justify their erroneous positions, these ultra-wealthy types do not dare use their money and positions of power to confront the real threats to the American people, such as a corrupt trigger happy militaristic police state and lopsided courts system that runs over and mows down those that are under a certain economic level.

Nationwide the police routinely target their critics and victims that dare to speak out with trumped-up false charges, planted evidence, harassment, and exaggeration of questionable facts. The wealthy few like Trump and Braun figure they are rich enough to fly high above the swamp of police corruption and therefore are not in danger of being subjected to it, especially if they do nothing to rock the boat and offend the fraternal blue order and the authoritarian class.

Lower economic people cannot fight the system and wealthy people like Trump and Braun refuse to take on the task of reforming this unfair, dangerous system. Then to top it off, Trump and Braun call for giving more power to the spy police state, undermining more of the personal rights of the working classes, putting us at even greater risk from the police that see us as the enemy that must be dealt with in a hostile, confrontational manner.

Trump and Braun claim their actions are meant to protect us all, when, in fact, they are doing just the opposite. This is the greatest threat to the lives and freedoms of Americans.

You also will not see Donald Trump or Mike Braun doing anything to confront animal abuses such as rodeos, animal fighting, animal testing, and brutal for-profit farming practices, or polluting and the poisoning of the creeks and rivers by industrial farming.

Why put people in power that do not care about your basic human rights and only come up with more ways to erode them.

Shane Zoglman

2 Responses to Letter: Why put people in power who don’t care about basic human rights?

  1. Gary Boettner October 20, 2019 at 8:43 am #

    Until people are smart enough not to vote Democrat America remains at risk

    • shane October 20, 2019 at 10:13 am #

      It does not matter who is in power, republicans are just the other side of the same coin. When the republicans are in power, we get the biggest gun bans and anti gun laws ever. When the republicans are in power we get a giant spy police state and lose whatever privacy we had. When the republicans are in power they grow spending which only feeds the monster. The democrat party and the republican party are both very bad for america.