Letter: Your voice matters in elections; let’s stay positive

I’m saddened by the negativity that surrounds elections and wanted to share my personal effort to stay positive.

Elected officials are supposed to be public servants. They work for the people, which is me and you. I look at the candidates as applicants for the job openings we have in our government. As such, I want to learn why each candidate is the best person for the job; not why the other person isn’t.

I want to know what ideas they have and why they want the job.

Do they want to do what’s best for the whole?

Do they line up as an individual, not as a party, with my views?

Do they care about the things that impact me, my family, and my community (safety, schools, morals, growth, ability to change with society/research, professionalism)?

What’s their track record? What qualifications do they have? Do they run on their own merit or an affiliation? Are they too calculated and rehearsed?

I make a list of what positions will be on my ballot, the applicants for those positions, and I research A LOT. Then I vote for who I think would be best for that job.

I can appreciate that each individual has different wants, needs, and views without hating them for it. However, I don’t appreciate lies, slander, bullying, or political games.

This is just what I do so that my voice is heard in an effort to make a positive impact.

Please DON’T comment anything negative on this post! I don’t want to start more conflict; I just wanted to say that your voice matters and add some positivity to this chaos.

Tammy Lampert
Jasper, Ind.

2 Responses to Letter: Your voice matters in elections; let’s stay positive

  1. adrian October 8, 2018 at 11:27 am #

    Two thumbs up. 100% agree. Big debate tonight on TV. I hope everyone watches it and learns something about all three candidates.

  2. Jeff October 10, 2018 at 9:19 am #

    I am skeptical that the elections are no longer fair. I am talking about the Russians interference on the 2016 election. So many of these politicians are dishonest. And the tv ads are so very nasty. The division between the liberals and conservatives is bigger than I have ever seen. And each side really does believe they are the morally correct ones. That’s what is so scary about it! Each side thinks the other side is crazy! I don’t see it getting better for a long time, and I imagine things will only get worse!