Maybe Phil was right, 75 degrees in February

Whether walking, running, riding or playing, residents took to the parks and streets Monday afternoon to enjoy one of the warmest recorded days in February.

With Punxsutawney Phil prognosticating an early spring, the warm sunshine and the mild month with Easter lilies popping up seem to support his forecast.

Enjoy it while you can. This is Indiana.

Rhett Thewes slid down the bars at Huntingburg’s City Park. He was happy to be able to kick some dirt up with his new bicycle that was parked nearby Monday afternoon.
RhettErin Thewes helped her daughter, Lettie, climb a ladder into one of the playground pieces at Huntingburg’s City Park on Monday.
Allison Abarca volleyed a soccer ball back to her dad, José. She and her mom, Erika, and younger sister, Erif, came down to Huntingburg’s City Park to enjoy the warm afternoon on Monday.
17-month-old Erif Abarca sized up the soccer ball as it was kicked her way by her big sister, Allison.
Alex Ramirez and his friends, Marvin Frick, Keegan Schroeder and Kyler Wehr, took turns throwing some tricks on the rail they set up at the entrance walkway to The Parklands Monday evening.
Marvin Frick assessed his approach to the rail as his friends waited to take turns. Frick said the group regularly gets together to skateboard, something he’s been doing since he was five years old.
The setting sun highlights folks strolling across The Parklands bridge Monday evening.