Mayors: We stand together in support of a thorough and deliberate study of the Mid-States Corridor

Jasper Mayor Dean Vonderheide and Huntingburg Mayor Denny Spinner issued a joint message regarding the proposed Mid-States Corridor:

As your local elected officials, we strive each day to make our citizens proud of the communities in which they live, work and raise their families.

Both of our cities have their place in Indiana’s history — Huntingburg with its historic downtown and League Stadium, and Jasper as the wood capital of the world. In order to broaden our economies, we have continued diversification of local industries, becoming a regional manufacturing center and headquarters for several public and private, domestic, and multi-national companies. These employers have remained the heartbeat of our local and regional economies as they provide the jobs and tax revenue that fund, create, and maintain our excellent schools, quality healthcare and medical treatment facilities, and enriching cultural and accessible recreational opportunities. Each of these contributes to our unique quality of life we all enjoy in Dubois and surrounding counties.

Currently, the Indiana Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration are conducting a study of the potential Mid-States Corridor project. The study will explore the highway safety, road congestion, economic development impact, environmental issues, and the costs and benefits that such a major project would entail. To understand the opportunities for our county and region and the impact the Mid-States Corridor could have on our region for generations to come, it is critical that we all get connected with the facts and have appropriate patience with the thorough and deliberate study process currently being conducted by the Mid-States Corridor project team. Any project that has the potential to maintain and grow the competitive advantage of our strong economic base, including manufacturing, retail and agriculture, and provide better access, lower costs and greater speed to national and world markets deserves a serious, thorough and complete study before our communities, region and state decide the most feasible next step.

Our goal as community leaders and citizens is to make certain that each of our residents has a safer, healthier, and more prosperous quality of life today and for generations to come. We owe it to our communities to consider all the facts and information regarding the Mid-States Corridor study and all it might mean for our future. It has been said: “You can’t do worse by knowing more.” That is why we stand together in support of a thorough and deliberate study of all the potential benefits and impacts of the Mid-States Corridor. We look forward to reviewing the results of the study and working together to maintain a strong Dubois County.

Denny Spinner – Huntingburg Mayor
Dean Vonderheide – Jasper Mayor


  1. That’s what good leaders look like. Not committed to anything until all the facts have been gathered. When they get the facts, they may kill the deal or they will get behind the deal and drive it through. We owe them the patience they are asking for.

    Daryl Hensley, Jasper IN

    1. You are spot on! But why doesn’t this good leadership fact finding scenario apply to the Dale Town Council’s decision to allow Riverview Energy’s coal to diesel refinery in Dale?

  2. Dear Mayor Vonderheide and Mayor Spinner – THANK YOU for not allowing the Corridor team to bully you into a rash decision. I am in complete agreement that all the facts (not including fake media) should be studied and pros vs cons weighed. I for one do not want to see our beautiful county damaged only to satisfy a greedy business that thinks they will gain more traffic, thus increasing their profits. We are talking about our heritage that would be wiped out forever. How horrible that would be. Please know that I am diligently praying for all those involved to pray for God’s guidance. After all, this earth belongs to Him.

  3. I have seen signs all over the county that say no mid state corridor and not one sign that says need this highway, so that tells me that only business men are pushing for this highway and not the people that voted for them. Why waste the money on a study, everyone knows money can make a study look any way you want it to, if you are going to do it anyway just do it and quit trying to justy it.

  4. You mention the businesses paying for the schools, arts, etc. The taxpayers are paying for a good portion of the schools, Library and Arts Center, downtown area, and several other things. How much more can minimum wage works give for county and city taxes.
    This also needs consideration in the study and your decision.

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