Memorial Hospital: Unvaccinated majority of hospital admits

COVID-19 cases continue to rise nationally and unfortunately, we are seeing similar trends in our region. 

Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center (MHHCC) is seeing increases in the number of COVID-19 tests and positivity rates. In the past seven days, MHHCC has tested 818 patients and 220 of those tested were positive for COVID-19.      

Currently, there are 17 patients admitted as inpatients at Memorial Hospital with COVID-19. Of these 17 patients, only one is fully vaccinated. 

“Almost every patient admitted to the hospital with COVID-19 in the past couple weeks have not received the COVID-19 vaccination – either by choice or they just haven’t gotten around to it,” said Dr. Michael Johns, Hospitalist at Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center. “It’s really sad when you see 30 and 40-year-old patients who get admitted to the hospital that end up on a ventilator when it likely could’ve been prevented with a vaccination.”

The CDC continues to highly recommend that all eligible people get the Covid-19 vaccine to protect themselves.  Knowing the vaccination does not result in 100% protection, basic precautions such as hand-washing, avoiding crowds, social distancing, and mask-wearing still apply.  Visit https://www.coronavirus.in.gov/vaccine/ or dial 211 to schedule a vaccine appointment.

To continue to keep our caregivers, patients and patient families safe, we ask you to continue to wear a mask inside of any Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center facility and urge you to do so in the community as well.