Messmer announces 8th Congressional District candidacy

Thursday, State Senator Mark Messmer announced his candidacy for the Republican primary in Indiana’s 8th Congressional District.

As of Friday morning, two other Republicans–Jeremy L. Heath and Jon Schrock–have filed for the primary. Erik Hurt is the lone Democratic candidate in the primary. The filing deadline for the primary is Feb. 9, and the election is set for May 7.

Current District 8 Congressman Dr. Larry Bucshon announced he would not be running for re-election earlier this month.

Messmer, whose Indiana seat is not up for re-election this year, has served in the state Senate since 2014. Prior to that, he was a member of the Indiana House of Representatives, where he was first elected in 2008.

The following is from his candidacy announcement:

“In the state legislature, I’ve consistently championed policies that drive economic growth, create high-paying jobs, and maintain fiscal responsibility. My experience in balancing Indiana’s budget and generating a surplus will be essential as I join the effort to return fiscal responsibility to Washington D.C.,” Messmer said.

Messmer’s roots in Southwest Indiana run deep. A small business owner, engineer, and devoted family man, he understands the challenges and aspirations of Hoosiers. His involvement with local organizations like Jasper Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus, and the Sons of the American Revolution reflects his deep commitment to community service.

Messmer and his wife Kim, married for 38 years with four children, are active members of Holy Family Catholic Church in Jasper.

“I am pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-Trump. And with Joe Biden and the radical left running Washington, every issue, from illegal immigration to economic freedom, has gotten worse with real-world consequences for Hoosiers. We need to restore our economy, secure our borders to protect our communities, and uphold the rule of law. It’s part of a broader commitment to keeping our district safe and prosperous,” Messmer stated.

“As your representative, I will fight tirelessly for the values we cherish – faith, family, and hard work. These are the principles that make our communities strong, and I am committed to advocating for them in Washington,” Messmer added.

“As a lifelong resident of Southwest Indiana, I understand the needs and values of our communities. In the statehouse, I have fought tirelessly to promote economic growth, safeguard individual liberties, and uphold our constitutional values. Now, I am ready to take this commitment to a national stage and ensure Washington starts to prioritize the needs and values of Hoosiers,” said Messmer.

“I’m running to represent the often-overlooked voices and to bring genuine change to Washington. I am devoted to tackling pressing issues like illegal immigration, safeguarding our liberties, protecting the unborn, balancing the federal budget, stopping the woke agenda, and growing jobs in Southwest Indiana,” Messmer pledged.

“Together, we can fight for the values we hold dear and ensure our voices are heard. I am committed to being your champion in Congress, standing firm against the status quo and advocating for the interests of Southwest Indiana,” concluded Messmer.

Two other Republicans have already filed as well — Jeremy L. Heath and Jon Schrock. The filing deadline is Feb. 9. The primary election is set for May 7.