Mid-States Corridor questionnaires garner more than 3,000 responses

According to the Lochmueller Group, more than 3,000 screening report questionnaires were completed and are being reviewed by the Mid-States Corridor Project Team.

The questionnaire was available at public meetings in February, online at the project website, and in 17 area library locations. Responses were accepted through March 23.

According to Mindy Peterson, spokesperson for the study group, more than 80 percent of the 3,074 respondents live or work in the project study area.

She reported that no clear route emerged as a favorite of respondents when asked to rank the routes in order of their preference. Route B which goes to the west and meets up with I-69 near Washington and Route P which closely follows the existing U.S. 231 were tied as the top preference with Routes M, C and O following closely behind. All routes are being evaluated based on benefits, impacts and costs. A no-build option is also considered as part of the study.

Responses regarding facility types were also closely bunched, with no clear preference for a freeway, expressway or Super-2. Responses to two open-ended questions regarding any natural or man-made features that should be considered or any additional comments are being reviewed by the Project Team.

Meaningful public involvement is a key part of the environmental study process and helps to inform the work underway, Peterson added. Comments are always welcomed and can be made through their website, https://midstatescorridor.com/.


  1. would have been nice if we all had a say in this, but the questionnare was not advertised for everyone to use.

    1. The questionnaire was available online, at local libraries and at the Mid-States Corridor Project office at VUJ. We published this several times.

  2. Aside from all the controversy about this project, how could the particular route option (P ?) work for following existing 231 going through Huntingburg and Jasper with all the signals and intersections, businesses, etc. – ? Seems hardly possible and very costly. I can’t get to meetings and trying to read and follow all the route descriptions isn’t likewise easy for my age/eyes.

  3. It would be good to know how many respondents added to their survey the NO CORRIDOR option which was not one of the options in the survey.

    1. Yes Mark, an excellent question. The overwhelming majority of individuals that I have spoken with over the past 2 months reported that they had selected the “no build” option.

  4. In the zoomed up version of the map, route P shadows US231, but doesn’t use the existing road.

    To add to this, points I have heard about:
    1. The eastern route cuts way close to the airport’s east side. That has to be addressed.
    2. The people at JMS said multiple people have pointed the road could go east of Jasper/HB and then go north. It also could go west of Jasper/HB and go north. This is something they said the group would look into. This wasn’t known going into the winter meeting.

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