New business a natural move for Ferdinand couple

Nick and Elizabeth Weyer opened Weyer Moving, the county's first full-service moving company.

Nick and Elizabeth Weyer opened Weyer Moving, the county’s first full-service moving company.

“I have been doing this basically my entire life,” Nick Weyer, the owner of the county’s first full-service moving company, Weyer Moving, said.

Nick has been working with his parents Marvin and Toni Weyer at their business, Marvin and Toni’s Bargain Barn, for the past 20 years. “I have been in sales, delivery and service for them for over 20 years,” he explained why the transition to his own moving company was a simple decision.

Nick popped the question about starting the new company to his wife Elizabeth and she thought it was a good idea. “He saw a need for it and just jumped right in,” she said. “He asked some Realtors and they told him there was a need for it.”

He purchased a truck and after receiving his INDOT license, started his company in February this year.

Now, Nick has a couple part-time employees and is quickly buildingĀ the company. Elizabeth helps with all the paperwork which, according to Nick, is plentiful in his business.

The company will move all household items (except pianos). They provide packing materials and will assist in packing items for the move. Once the items are at their new home, Nick and his employees will unpack and move the items in.

In the immediate future, Nick is working on his interstate license to be able to move items across the state line. He already has plans to purchase a second, larger truck to pack and move larger quantities for commercial customers.

Weyer Moving operates a Facebook Page and has a website under construction. They can also be contacted at 812-631-5091.

Nick and Elizabeth live in Ferdinand. The couple has two children, Addie, 8, and Kennedy, 11.

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