New business deals in miraculous moments of Love at First Sight

Kendal Wehr loves being part of the miraculous moment when parents see their unborn children for the very first time.

That is why the trained sonographer recently opened Love at First Sight 4D/HD Elective Ultrasound, a specialty business providing ultrasound imaging of a baby for expectant families, in downtown Jasper at 209 East 6th Street.

“The feelings of love and joy that come with seeing your precious little one on the big screen, watching them move and hearing their heartbeat,” Kendal explained, “the emotions in the room, the happiness people leave with when our session is complete, and the memories they will hold in their hearts are all very gratifying.” 

The new business is an extension of Kendal’s ten-a-half-years of experience working in ultrasound with various departments at Memorial Hospital and Jasper Obstetrics and Gynecology. Experiencing the beautiful emotions of parents seeing their children for the first time has always been a highlight of her career.

Through the studio, Kendal offers several packages for imagery and even special moments like hearing a baby’s heartbeat for the first time. These can occur from the 8th to the 37th week of pregnancy, and she can also help determine the sex of your baby as early as the 6th week through a DNA test.

Using 4D/HD technology, Kendal can allow families to see not only an image of the baby but also its movements in the womb. The 4D/HD Packages range in length of time, but they all allow parents to hear their baby’s heartbeat and watch it move, as well as take home digital images and a digital recording of the session.

You can see all of the available services and packages here.

The 4D imaging can create amazing moments for families, especially when a baby is positioned just right.

“I pop it up on the big screen, and the crowd goes wild,” she explained. “No one, including myself, can resist the sweetness of a smiling, yawning, stretching bundle of joy. The whole room falls in love, and everyone is in awe of the beauty and magic they are witnessing.”

Another special moment is when a baby happens to blink on screen. In fact, during one memorable ultrasound, Kendal was able to witness a baby accidentally poke itself in the eye and immediately scrunch its face up in a crying grimace.

“It was absolutely astonishing and something I will never forget,” she said. “I often times have clients ask me if babies cry in the womb; my answer from now on is yes!”

It is in these moments of discovery that Kendal loves seeing families really connect around their shared miracle.

“I love being able to help families connect within the walls of my studio not only with their babies but with each other as well, laughing together and adoring their precious new family member,” she explained.

The new business is a totally new endeavor for Kendal. When she completed her bachelor’s degree in Radiologic Imaging Sciences from the University of Southern Indiana in 2013, starting her own business wasn’t necessarily a goal she fostered. But over the years, while witnessing these beautiful moments and seeing similar businesses in other areas of the country pop up, the idea began to form.

It became a reality when she brought it up to her husband, Zach, about six months ago.

“When I brought up this idea, he said, ‘Let’s go! What do we need to do to get things started?'” she explained. “He is my biggest supporter in all of this.”

Through his support, as well as encouragement from her family and friends, Kendal decided to go for it and began moving towards opening up the studio.

“I have already learned so much, and each step in creating this business has been an adventure,” she said.

“Being able to combine my ultrasound career with the wonders of motherhood brings me great satisfaction,” she added.

Now, she’s ready to help parents and family members experience love at first sight in her own studio. You can set up an appointment through her website here or by calling 812-631-2622 or emailing Info@4DLoveAtFirstSight.com.

Zach and Kendall live in Ireland and have two children. Kendal said they struggled with fertility issues for years before being blessed with their two little miracles. “We know all too well the joys and sorrows that can come with ultrasound imaging,” she said.

It is this experience that motivates her to bring these services to the community to elevate the joyfulness and celebrate the miracle of life.