Night to Shine celebrates ninth year

The unabashed joy of the annual Night to Shine celebration at Redemption Christian Church is a beautiful sight every year. In its ninth year, the church and hundreds of volunteers come together to put this wonderful night on for this special royal court. Created by the Tim Tebow Foundation, Night to Shine is a prom-like experience for individuals with special needs.

Sue Schmidt helped Kelli Hodges, 16, with her hair before the Friday Night to Shine celebration at Redemption Christian Church on Friday evening.
Scott Schmitt received a quick trim from Ty Neighbors prior to the event Friday evening.
A guest waited patiently while her makeup was being done by one of the volunteers.
Ashley Lueken applied the finishing touches to Emily Lents’ hair for the Night to Shine celebration on Friday afternoon.
Tom Waldron and several volunteers gave parking directions to the many special guests and volunteers as they arrived at Redemption Christian Church Friday afternoon.
Bibi Green gave directions to the servers before the dinner began. From special dietary restrictions to preferences, the guests are cared for through the help of their escorts and the many volunteers at the annual event.
Lonnie Ayer hugged Elizabeth Breitwieser after she pinned his boutonniere onto his lapel. Lonnie’s joy continued throughout the night and led to many hugs and kisses. He was accompanied by Austin DeSchamp.
Adam Stillwell took a moment to pose before taking his limo ride to the red carpet.
Kal-El Wright loved riding in the limo (truck) and “shaking his bootie” on the dance floor at the Night to Shine.
From left: Caroline Hartman with her sons, Noah and Carter Atterson, and their buddy, Lindsey Zehr, after receiving their crowns on stage at Night to Shine.
Betty Beckman made her entrance on the red carpet at the Night to Shine held Friday evening at Redemption Christian Church.
Sherri Nelson (left) sang the classic Sonny and Cher song, “I Got You Babe!” with Diane Heilers during the karaoke at Night to Shine.
Hannah Schaus arrived in the limo, ready to walk down the red carpet.
Ali Bromm threw her hands up during “YMCA”.
Kimber Schnarr (left) has been friends with Ingrid Bies since they were together in high school. She’s accompanied Ingrid to Night to Shine twice and loves bringing her friend to the special night. Ingrid blew kisses to the crowd as she walked down the aisle.
Michelle Critchlow and Nancy Blessinger took a moment to check out their fun photos from the photo booth before heading into the dance floor.
Andrew Hollis posed while dancing at the Night to Shine celebration held Friday evening at Redemption Christian Church.
Cameron Revor, 13, attended her first Night to Shine at Redemption Christian Church Friday evening.
Michelle Critchlow is helped into the entrance of the church for her red carpet walk with her buddy, Nancy Blessinger. The snow did little to dampen the spirits of the guests.
Emma Ireland danced to “YMCA” at Night to Shine Friday evening.