Pair plan on continuing their friends’ dreams with Huntingburg coffee shop

Chad Brian and Mike Voegerl are the new owners of Kim’s Koffee in Huntingburg.

Chad Brian and Mike Voegerl, the new owners of Kim’s Koffee, plan on bringing their personal touch to the popular coffee spot on Fourth Street while honoring their friends, previous owners Kim and Bob Kerr, by keeping Kim’s dream alive.

Kim’s Koffee was the realization of Kim’s passion for owning and operating a coffee shop. She and Bob had moved to Dubois County in 2017 for his job at MasterBrand. They quickly fell in love with Huntingburg and decided to bring Kim’s dream to life on the iconic street.

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While Kim’s health was in crisis, the business got up and running after an extensive interior remodel in October of 2019. Kim and Bob’s daughter, Ashlie, joined them, providing the barista experience behind the counter, and Bob helped out when he was available.

After Kim passed away in 2021, Ashlie kept her mom’s dream alive until the opportunity to pass it on to Chad and Mike began to coalesce earlier this year. The pair were friends with Bob and Kim and had helped at the shop over the years. They were surprised when the were approached about purchasing the business.

They knew the business had a lot of potential based on the work Bob, Kim and Ashlie had put into it and the location on Fourth Street. They also knew Kim’s vision for the business had not been fully realized.

“We felt it was a good investment,” Chad explained. “It has a lot of potential, and we can fulfill the dream she (Kim) never got to see.”

“The other driving force is all the changes being made here on Fourth Street,” Mike added. “We want to be a part of that.”

The pair took the business over the week before Christmas Stroll, which meant they hit the ground running — hard. Along with the elevated traffic that Stroll brings to Huntingburg, friends and family have made a point to visit and wish them well in their new endeavors.

They have been overwhelmed by the amount of support they have received.

The partners handle different parts of the business but, interchangeably, are always ready to fill in where they are needed.

Mike grew up in Huntingburg and is having a great time behind the counter.

“I am really enjoying reconnecting with my classmates,” he explained, adding that the customers he has met and talked with have been wonderful.

What customers can expect for now is consistent hours with the same coffee and menu. Mike and Chad said they won’t make any changes until after the New Year. But changes are on the way including potentially adding a Sunday brunch buffet and expanding the menu into soups, salads and wraps.

And in the near future, the business will be renamed The Huntingburg Grind Coffee & Tea Co. in recognition of the town the two have planted themselves in as they continue their friends’ dreams.

Kim’s Koffee is located at 410 East 4th Street and is open daily through the holiday season.