Paoli couple arrested when police search Magnificent Mushroom business

Photo provided.
Photo provided.

Two people were arrested in Paoli when police executed a search warrant at a residence and a business named Magnificent Mushrooms located on the same property, Tuesday.

The Orange County Drug Enforcement Unit executed a search warrant at 2515 South County Road 500 East in Paoli which was occupied by Eric Osborn and Courtney Mcclure.

The search warrant also included the business Magnificent Mushrooms which was owned by  Osborn and was located on the property near the residence.

While executing the warrant, officers located approximately 5 pounds of psilocybin mushrooms and approximately 7 pounds of marijuana “butter”. Officers also located several items used to facilitate the manufacturing of psilocybin mushrooms.

Eric Osborn is facing charges of manufacturing a Schedule I Controlled Substance, possession of marijuana, and maintaining a common nuisance.

Courtney Mcclure is facing charges of manufacturing a Schedule I Controlled Substance, possession of marijuana, and maintaining a common nuisance.

According to authorities, these operations would not be possible without the tips and information received from the citizens of Orange County. As always, please contact your local police or sheriff’s department if you suspect illegal activity in your area.



  1. These are good people and not the drug pushers ruining your community. The real problem in southern Indiana, as everyone knows, is meth.
    I’m sure a fair amount of profiling was involved in these community tip offs by narrow minded people. This is a real shame. This family will recover from this and when they do, I’ll continue to support their efforts to share with us a healthfully and sustainable food source.

  2. There was no indication on what type of “nuisance” American has definitely have a history or hurting our neighbors just for one small difference. As in controlled substances, I thought we were rising above that on marijuana? Also psychedelics and mushrooms, how do the cops even know what they were on sight? They operate a mushroom business for goodness sakes

  3. Heard Eric’s interview w/Susan Weed on blogtalkradio and I’m a fan of his intelligence, knowledge and: insight. Their exchange was a delight. Some people are ahead of their time/can bring time forward. Thanks be for cool heads.

  4. I really appreciate the supportive comments. It has always been my mission to help the public, to bring healing. Psilocybin is showing enormous potential for treating PTSD, OCD, Depression, Anxiety and a host of other psychological ailments in clinical trials without any negative side effects. This is what millions of mycophiles have known for millenia. Psilocybin mushrooms are among the oldest cave paintings known and have been a part of human culture long before written record.

    I am truly sorry for the pain that this event brought my community, family and especially my children. I can at least take comfort in the fact that I helped many many people with addiction, depression and anxiety before this occurrence. Make no mistake I AM NOT CONDONING ILLEGAL ACTIVITY…..perhaps though it is time to change some laws, so that people aren’t inclined to break them in their search for health.

  5. Eric I met U a couple of times and U were a good dude.I would love to hook up with U sometime and learn some more about Shrooms!Look me up on FB if U habe the time brother. Sorry for there being Snitches in the world..
    Hope to hear from ya man
    Jason Thacker

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