Perspective: The Demise of the American Empire

I was taught we were a nation of freedom and liberty, the mixing pot of the world that welcomes the diversity of races, cultures, and religions.

No, I am not a sore loser, my candidate won.

Now, do we see the true face of this Republican Party endorsing culturally divisive tactics that are anti-black, anti-Hispanic, anti-Muslim, anti-Semite, and so forth? Just before the election, a federal judge named Paul Curiel was overseeing a case against Donald Trump when he called that federal judge a biased “Mexican”, just because he had a Hispanic name. (The judge was born and schooled in Indiana and graduated with honors). Trump was told, “but sir, he is an American.” Trump responded, “he is of Mexican descent, and proud of it.”

I suppose that is a sin.

At that time, the Republican speaker of the house Paul Ryan described Donald’s comments as “the true definition of racism.” Mitt Romney called him a liar, a fake, a fraud.

No matter what the Donald reads from a prepared script, is hard for him to hide his 70 years of core racist beliefs.

For many months, by his silence, he accepted along with his top advisor, Steve Bannon, and “Dr.” Gorka, the adoration and support of racist groups like the KKK and American Nazi Party.

Do the decent people, that profess the republican ideology really support this man who, on the record, likes to brag about grabbing women’s genitals, calls freedom of the press an enemy of the American people, refers to Putin as a strong leader, disparages the American people by saying we are just as bad as Russia when it comes to killing innocents, disregards our intelligence agencies warning of Russian electoral meddling calling them a bunch of “leakers” saying nothing to see here, false news, a witch hunt, a hoax and accuses the former president of committing felonies, without any evidence? His style is to generate alarming lies and diversions (see Charlottesville, Confederate statues, NFL.)

Maybe other Republicans like and support this man, but I have to agree with Mitt Romney. We need for all good people to call on him to resign.

He seems to really want a war someplace, as “W” did in Iraq.

My friends, I think we are seeing the demise of the American Empire.

We need to make America human again. Not turn back the clock to the 1950’s.

Dan Barrett
Jasper, Ind.

One Response to Perspective: The Demise of the American Empire

  1. Scott Newton September 26, 2017 at 6:55 pm #

    With that illustrious background, Trump appoints himself as the arbiter of what constitutes patriotism? Really? Him?