Perspective: No reason for another Dollar General in Huntingburg

I am writing to express my extreme concern to the Huntingburg Common Council in regards to the proposed new Dollar General Store.

My first question would have to be, why? Why build a Dollar General Store whose entire profits go out of the state? Why build a Dollar General Store when the Tax Revenue will be minimal and will create very few low wage jobs? Why build a second dollar store when we currently have a Family Dollar, CVS, Mor-for-Less all within LESS THAN a 2-mile stretch?

When asked if there were plans to close the current Dollar Store, I was told no that it was not in the plans. However, there are plans to possibly relocate it. What does that mean? Is the actual building going to be physically picked up and moved? No. It clearly means there will be another empty building in the town of Huntingburg.

Another question, why would you rezone the area at 1st Street and Hwy 231 to commercial when multiple commercial lots on Hwy 231 are available? What sense does it make to tear down four homes to build this store when it has been stated that Huntingburg has a “housing shortage”? It is true that a couple of the houses are in disrepair and would cost thousands of dollars to fix up. However, it would still be significantly cheaper to do than Hunters Crossing so-called “affordable housing” which starts at $150,000!

Now, to the traffic issues this proposed store will cause. Unlike some, who attended the Planning Commission Meeting in support of the new store, I actually live in the neighborhood. You will not find me coming to the area once a month to pick up a rent check, I own and live in my house. I know firsthand exactly how horrible the traffic is at the intersection. It was mentioned that INDOT plans to do a traffic study. Nonetheless, if you simply look at the condition of Hwy 231 through Huntingburg, it is obvious that INDOT does not care one bit about the safety of Huntingburg’s residents.

The Mayor recently said, “When Huntingburg has a need, we meet that need”. Well, Huntingburg does NOT need another Dollar Store OR another empty building!

Please, before you vote to rezone this area ask yourself, “Why?” Ask yourself, “Is there a good reason for another dollar store?” If so, what is it?

Paul Schwinghammer

A Dollar General Store has been proposed to be built at the southwest corner of the intersection of U.S. 231 and East First Street in Huntingburg. The Huntingburg Planning Commission approved a recommendation that the property where the store will be located be rezoned light commercial from residential. 

Curt Rafferty, a developer from Bowling Green, Kentucky is proposing to build a 9,100-square-foot store there.

The Huntingburg Common Council will consider the rezoning request at its Oct. 9 meeting at City Hall.

One Response to Perspective: No reason for another Dollar General in Huntingburg

  1. Mrs. Ima Ruth Green October 6, 2017 at 1:20 pm #

    Some of these questions would be better asked of the owner-developer as they and others are not for the city to decide. This developer can’t be held to a different standard than others, but to the extent possible without discriminating, I support the idea of not closing one store to open another in a different location, and so maybe that could be part of the deal to maintain the other store for a minimum of time after the new store is built, say 5 years. I mean, if he says that’s not the reason and another store is needed, let him prove it by maintaining both stores for at least five years, maybe more. Traffic is bad anywhere along 231 and wages will be the same as they are at Casey’s down the street and numerous other similar current and future businesses along the highway, so hard to deny it for that when others are approved. The development may actually help traffic by better opening up the intersection and likely requiring a signal which will benefit personal safety for local peds and traffic to the park and stadium, to cross, etc.