Perspective: Tumultuous times require respect and love

We live in a world in trouble and growing chaos, and I don’t need to explain why, because it is in every news source available to you and me.

  • The current toll from massive natural disasters.
  • Americans are taxed into oblivion by our federal government.
  • You try to live your life, in the way you want, yet there is a government regulation or law preventing you from doing that.
  • People full of hate are reviving attitudes of the early 20th century, attitudes we all thought we had removed from modern day society.
  • The younger generations are growing OK with the notion of limiting the rights protected in the first amendment.
  • We are so busy doing stuff, we are losing the ability to enjoy life.
  • Our stress level is so high, and the money so tight, people are giving into drug abuse to cope.

This is just the beginning of a long list of things we deal with every day that distracts from issues that have a huge impact on our future.

  • The future personal and governmental debt level that I, you and future generations must pay off is horrifyingly huge.
  • Indiana local government spending and debt regularly drags Indiana to the bottom 15-20 in state economic rankings.
  • The taxation of the federal government is ancient in its design and massive in its burden on Americans.
  • We do not understand issues due to the uncivility in the discussion, and lack of time to become knowledgeable.
  • The Federal Reserve has destroyed the middle and lower class of wage earners with the policies started by Alan Greenspan and still being used today.
  • The military complex that Eisenhower warned the people about towards the end of his presidency exists in force today.

How do we overcome this?

We must resist the anger and hate being pushed in media sources. We must not turn away from or dismiss God, who loves you, and died for your eternal soul, then went back up to heaven, waiting for you to call out to him. Be encouraged, and seek to enjoy your life every day as it is the only one you get. Talk to each other in person and put down that phone! Consider the issues facing you, be informed when you vote and tend to vote people out of office instead of keeping them or promoting them. Lastly, seek to get out of personal debt to be an example to future generations.

Start by living by a principle of do no harm to each other. Respect their liberty. Choose to love each other.

Adrian Engelberth

2 Responses to Perspective: Tumultuous times require respect and love

  1. Tom E October 2, 2017 at 3:01 pm #


  2. Brett October 3, 2017 at 4:46 pm #

    Nothing really all that new. Most of these challenges have been here since the beginning of time. Yawn. I’m not that stressed. Violent crime is at all time lows compared to recent decades. I am really not that busy. Money is not tight, and I don’t feel the need to take drugs. I think taxes are at a good level. I think Alan Greenspan helped create a lot of wealth for many people.

    I’m not sure what God thinks about all this so I won’t guess.