Police: 32 felonies and counting in identity theft case

A woman originally arrested last week for possession of methamphetamines is now facing a slew of felonies for allegedly stealing from local mailboxes.

Jasper police and Dubois County deputies originally responded to the Super 8 hotel after receiving a tip of possible drug activity there on January 28.

While there, they met with Tawna L. Knebel, 34, of Huntingburg, who initially allegedly provided officers with a small bag containing suspected methamphetamine.

A search warrant was then issued for law enforcement to search the rest of the hotel room. During the search, officers found IDs and documents with personal information not belonging to Knebel in the room. Officer’s also found identification with Knebel’s photograph but another individual’s information on it. Police believe that Knebel stole the documents they located.

Based on the investigation, officers have added more felony counts to the original counts against Knebel.

According to court documents, Knebel allegedly admitted to police that she would drive around town seeking out mailboxes with their flags up. When she located one, she would steal the items from the mailbox with the goal of finding outgoing checks to pay for bills. She would then allegedly use the information from the checks –routing and account numbers — to create more checks.

These activities have led to 32 Level 6 felony counts against Knebel. She is charged with possession of methamphetamine, three counts of identity deception, three counts of synthetic identity deception, 13 counts of counterfeiting and 12 counts of forgery.

Police say the investigation is ongoing and more counts may be levied against Knebel as more victims are contacted and evidence is processed.

Knebel is still being held in the Dubois County Security Center.

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