Police seeking identity of individual involved in check fraud at several businesses

The Jasper Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying a woman in connection with a theft, check fraud, counterfeiting and forgery investigation is ongoing in several Southern Indiana counties.  

More photos at bottom of story.

The unknown female is passing fake checks at area businesses using a fake identification. These checks are being used throughout the area and have been found at Lowe’s in Bedford, the Tractor Supply stores in Bedford and Paoli, and the IGA stores in Bedford, Loogootee and Jasper.

Jasper Police Department has identified five victims at this time but believes there are more that have yet to be identified. Police are also investigating several other reports of stolen checks and check frauds in recent days that are believe to be related.

Jasper Police Department is asking the public to be aware of their bank accounts and report any fraudulent activity that is located.

Anyone with information about the individual in the images is asked to contact the department at 812-482-2255 or on the anonymous tip line at 812-481-2677 (COPS).

One Response to Police seeking identity of individual involved in check fraud at several businesses

  1. Mrs. Ima Ruth Green February 18, 2019 at 9:34 am #

    With the advent, improvement and success/acceptance of the debit card these days, am surprised businesses that are truly worried about incidents like this continue to accept checks without insta-check verification, given the hassles/risks/costs of doing so. Understand a few folks don’t have/use debit cards and a few businesses still don’t accept them or they charge extra to use them, like with credit cards – but very few. Can’t imagine businesses would lose too many customers and much business by no longer accepting checks, but hey – the socialists haven’t taken over yet and it’s still a free country, so to each their own – just don’t complain if/when something like this happens.