Primary filing period for major parties passes; here’s the lineup for 2019 election so far

The filing period for the 2019 Municipal Election Primary for the major parties (Democrats and Republicans) passed last Friday.

In Dubois County the following seats are up for grabs: Jasper mayor, clerk-treasurer and seven common council seats; Huntingburg mayor, clerk-treasurer and five common council seats; Ferdinand clerk-treasurer and three town council seats; Holland clerk/treasurer and three town council seats.

Here are the candidates in Dubois County races so far.



Dean Vonderheide, Republican

Marvin Belcher, Democrat


Allen Siefert, Democrat

Council At-Large

Nancy K. Eckerle, Republican

Philip A. Mundy, Republican

Council District 2

John J. Schroeder, Democrat

Council District 3

Chad D. Lueken, Republican

Merrill Osterman, Republican

Primary will determine which candidate appears on the municipal ballot.

Council District 4

David Lee Hurst, Democrat

Adrian M. Engelberth, Republican

Council District 5

Earl Joseph Schmitt, Democrat

Paul A. Lorey, Republican

Council District 6

Kevin Michael Manley, Republican

Ryan J. Schuetter, Republican

Primary will determine which candidate appears on the municipal ballot.



Denny W. Spinner, Republican


Thomas A. Dippel, Democrat

Council at-large

Keith “Curly” Souders, Republican

Tim Wehr, Independent

(Alex Blackgrove, Republican, withdrew his name from the ticket)

Council Precinct 1

Glen E. Kissling, Republican

Council Precinct 2

Jeffery L. Bounds, Republican

Council Precinct 3

Stephen C. McPherron, Republican



Melanie Kaye Barrett, Republican



Tamara (Tammy) Miller, Democrat

Town Council at Large

Ron Weyer, Democrat

Steven Pancake, Democrat

Town Council District 1

Ken Sicard, Democrat

Don Farina Sr., Republican

Town Council District 2

Debbie Johnson, Democrat

Parties have until noon on July 3 to file a candidate for positions not filled in the primary election.

7 Responses to Primary filing period for major parties passes; here’s the lineup for 2019 election so far

  1. Mrs. Ima Ruth Green February 11, 2019 at 11:29 am #

    Glad to see that both Jasper and Huntingburg will continue to be led by respective republican mayors and mostly republican councils/staff in the post-election years ahead (2020 thru 2023). Carry on, Dean and Denny!

    • Deja February 11, 2019 at 1:20 pm #

      Mrs. Ima Ruth,
      You do see where the Jasper mayor’s race has another candidate running? And he is Democrat? I personally hope he gets elected. Marvin is a good man and Jasper would be lucky to have him.

      • MW February 11, 2019 at 5:05 pm #

        Not to mention that you’ll be sorely disappointed if you believe that Dean Vonderheide shares the same reductive ideology as you simply because he’s registered as a Republican. There’ll be no one cozying up to Trumpism or the despicable platform of the current GOP in the mayor’s office, regardless of which man gets elected, and that’s something we can all be excited about.

        Hyper-partisanship is a plague, and you, Mrs. Green, are in need of some serious help.

  2. Barb C. February 11, 2019 at 10:33 pm #

    Just be nice, its time, dont ya think?

  3. USMC February 12, 2019 at 7:30 am #

    The problem with all of this is that we the people cant see past our own nose nor do we as the people truly care about others any more. Unfortunately all politics has turned into a race about political parties and not a race about what actually matters and that is we the people. Throw out the political parties and just be Americans and do what is right for America or your local community not matter what political party you feel that you belong to. We are all Americans and must remember that United We Stand and Divided We Fall.

    Stop the fighting and learn to care about what truly matters and that’s not political views.

  4. Terry February 12, 2019 at 10:39 am #

    Very well said USMC and thank you for your service. Its sad how everything is about politics that why this country is in the mess its in. Politicians are in it for the party and not the people. Term limits should be voted on by the people since the politicians wont pass it. Just my opinion

  5. Mrs. Ima Ruth Green February 12, 2019 at 11:01 am #

    For me – my part – I most certainly am being nice, Barb. Merely expressing my opinion without personal insult, of which everyone is free to do as they choose. In general – not to nit-pick to the Nth degree of right and wrong which is a BIG part of our problems that no one can agree enough to resolve or even compromise – the Republican philosophies and platforms are more in line with and promoting of a free, capitalistic and law-abiding order of society which has worked best, and also according to the laws of both our Creator and our constitution. Of course, some will disagree…again, part of where we are today is that two people can look at a blue sky and one will argue it’s not really blue to the point of a stalemate and no agreement. I do not and will not agree with all/every republican candidate or office holder, but in general they/their party is more in line with fundamentally historic, successful and safe/secure strategy that aligns with Christian values on which our country was founded and to which I subscribe and believe in. We have entered a period for all sorts of various and nefarious reasons where we want too much, too fast, too easily and too perfectly – we all can’t have our cake and eat it, too – and have lost our sense and appreciation for what it took and what it takes to get there, stay there, and agree to disagree enough to move forward.