Public help sought to identify mailbox vandals

The Dubois County Sheriff’s Department is seeking the public’s help in an investigation of mailbox vandalisms in the Dubois area.

According to the department, on Sunday, they received a large number of reports of vandalized mailboxes. They are asking that anyone with information as to the identities of the vandals contact the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department at 812-482-3522.

Anyone calling in with information can remain anonymous if they choose to do so.


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  1. I live on North Dubois RD NE. A few years ago some young men trashed almost all the mail boxes on our road. The police found out who did it. They even went to court for it. Nothing was done! We all repaired or replaced our mail boxes our selves. I was told the boy responsible had no way to pay for the damage. But he continued to drive around at all hours, smoke cigarettes and buy power drinks at the Shell Station…..but he had no money for repairs? Why bother finding out who did it this time! Maybe it makes a difference who the boxes damaged now belong to.

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