Roundabout planned for busy Jasper intersection

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The Indiana Department of Transportation has included plans to install a roundabout at a busy Jasper intersection on State Road 56.

According to INDOT Vincennes District Public Relations Director Gary Brian, the state has the installation of the roundabout at the intersection of State Road 56 and County Road 350 W, which is currently a caution light near Buschkoetter’s Lawn Care and Nursery, planned for the fourth quarter of 2026.

The addition is planned due to the higher-than-average number of severe crashes at the intersection based on data collected between 2018 and 2020. INDOT is adding the roundabout to reduce the occurrence and severity of crashes at this intersection.

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  1. Round abouts are could be more dangerous at night , I’m not in favor of them , it’s better to have stop lights and posted warning before the intersection

  2. Nobody uses roundabouts the way they should. Nobody wants to yield for anyone else. They are an accident waiting to happen. Putting up stop lights or stop signs would be better.

  3. Most people around here have difficulty dealing with a four way stop, no way will the round about work.

  4. Drivers don’t expect to come upon a roundabout in the countryside at highway speeds, especially at night. This is a major disaster waiting to happen!!! The smarter thing to do is to install a stoplight. The roundabouts on the I-69 ramps like at Martinsville are very dangerous and drivers have extremely little time to react. The ones in Fishers are also very frustrating and far too numerous. Seems like the ones in Indiana have a much smaller radius than the ones out on the East Coast, where people are used to dealing with them. Whoever in INDOT is promoting roundabouts needs to be fired as well as sued by the drivers who end up in accidents at them.

    1. There are several roundabouts on county and state highways in Hendricks’s county. It’s not like the state doesn’t have data on how those are vs stop lights in similar environments. We just need to adapt. Then again, I’ve been advocating for the courthouse area to be used like a “square about” for years.

  5. Why not just install a traffic light? I’m wondering how semis and large farm equipment deal with a roundabout. In my opinion, that is not the most dangerous intersection. The most dangerous intersection is going west past Hucks to get on Hwy 56 I avoid that danger as best as I can. I have seen many out of people confused which stop light is the one they obey and have seen people running a red light and even realize it. I also agree with a previous comment that roundabouts don’t need to be on a busy Highway in the country! Please reconsider the plan.

  6. This is ridiculous! Do they monitor how much semi and large truck traffic goes through that intersection?? Wake up INDOT! Put a stoplight there!

  7. A roundabout on a state highway? Seriously? This is not good, especially with traffic coming from the West and over a hill. This intersection simply needs to be straightened out (not have the county road intersecting the highway at an angle.

  8. A roundabout at that location is ridiculous and dangerous. Does INDOT have any clue as to the number of semi and large truck traffic that goes through that intersection? Put a stoplight there!

    1. Why do you assume that because people are against the roundabout, they are against change? Most people are willing to accept change if it is for the better. Studies have shown roundabouts are no safer or efficient than stoplights, nor do they improve traffic flow.

      I drive through this intersection on the way to work every day. It is dangerous as it is, but not because of the intersection itself. Rather, it’s because of the impatient drivers who can’t seem to bring themselves to wait 30 seconds to 1 minute to let traffic pass before turning onto or off of SR56.

      INDOT will likely say the road is too narrow for an intersection with turn lanes on 56. They said the same thing about the stoplight on 231 by Dairy Queen in Huntingburg, even though the stoplight two blocks away has turn lanes, and the south side of that intersection is NARROWER.

      I suggest Dubois County start putting money in the budget for increased upkeep on the county roads, because this will likely drive even more traffic onto those routes as more drivers avoid this intersection altogether.

    2. You are right about safety.
      Here are reasons folks don’t like roundabouts:
      Ya gotta be nice.
      Ya gotta take turns.
      Ya gotta look at each other.
      Ya gotta cooperate.
      Ya gotta pay attention.
      Who wants to do any of those things?

  9. When I had a child in the preschool at that intersection, we were told they could not put in a light without lowering the hill on 350. It is the main intersection for many neighborhoods in that area. But where are they getting the land to make a roundabout? The ministers house? The house across the street? Buschkoetter’s parking lot? The horse farm? Having lived in this area for 20 years, this has always been a dangerous intersection. I have taught my teenagers to go the longer ways around rather than then take chances trying to get across it. Something needs to be done, but a roundabout in the morning from 7:30am-8:30am, 2:30pm-3:30pm and 4:30pm- 6:00pm will be so dangerous, I am not sure it will be better. This is when people go into work, take kids to and from school, and come home from work. This will be a nightmare in the making. Throw in the teenagers late for school and I am not sure we won’t see more tragic accidents.

  10. I used to live in Jasper and now live in Arizona where roundabouts are contagious with the DOT. They seem to love them, but there are more wrecks with those than stoplights, 4-way stops, or cautions. I’m afraid you will regret putting them in, especially where you are planning this one.

  11. I’m not a fan of roundabouts , especially in the middle of nowhere and at night , but this is the same INDOT (and Governor) that can’t get the automatic signals at the “Y” or at Walmart or 30th St. to work efficiently ! Also the same INDOT (and Governor) proposing the unneeded Mid-States Corridor ! Some of these projects need to have a little more public input .. maybe a referendum . But then the state’s constitution would need to be changed and I for one don’t believe this great state of Indiana’s one party government would even consider that since they are the very ones pushing this stuff ! I’m not a highway engineer but I don’t think a roundabout at that intersection is the best answer ! Maybe at St. Hwy 164 and Meridian Rd. .

  12. A traffic roundabout will save lives, INDOT is making the correct choice. They make high speed, high energy side impact accidents nearly impossible. These types of accidents are often fatal. Another benefit is N350W will flow better during heavier traffic.

  13. I live about 200 feet from this intersection on 56. I don’t agree with a roundabout. Rediculous!! I’ve lived here for 28 years and have witnessed multiple accidents and have had to call 911 multiple times while assisting those involved and have never understood that it has taken this long for a stop light to ge installed especially when a young man lost his life here.

  14. Roundabouts are an engineering mistake. unless they cut that hill down people will be driving straight through it and never see it till too late. plus the cost and amount of land needed for them is significant compared to a stop light. Just jasper wants to get in on the roundabout craze. at the taxpayer’s expense.

  15. If this is the same people who have been doing the “patching” on 56 then h&ll no. I didn’t think it was possible to fix a road and make it worse at the same time. After “patching” 56 is even worse than it was before. Now you want to do this? NO!

  16. I’m really happy to see that DuBois County is starting to install roundabouts. Roundabouts are so much more efficient and safe than stop lights and 3/4 way stops. I have also lived in Hamilton County and I can attest first hand to how converting a stop light or 4 way stop to a round about immediately reduces traffic backup during heavy use times.

  17. Just make a short trip down to the Boonville area. The roundabouts they have are constantly being hit and ran over. The numerous tire marks are painful reminders of single vehicle accidents. Just imagine how bad it will be at such a busy intersection.

  18. The biggest traffic problem in Dubois County is the fact that most drivers insert their head up their posterior right after they put their car in gear.

  19. I totally agree with the patching jobs and all. I have never seen a crew screw up a job on the roads so bad. The roundabout is an awful idea as well. Too many people will lose some of their property for such an idiotic idea in the middle of nowhere!

  20. I think this is extremely dangerous. People do no know how to deal with traffic flow through the roundabouts. You will also have traffic approaching the intersection at highway speeds making the transition even more dangerous. I have seen numerous roundabouts in other areas of the country and I do not recall even one where is placed in an intersection handling highway speeds.

    1. They have those in Europe frequently. People will slow down the same as they would slow down for a curve in the road. Once you have seen first hand how a round about improves traffic flow I think you will never want to go back to 4 way stops and stoplights.

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