Scams making rounds

Recently, local law enforcement departments have received reports of scammers making calls to local residents.

In two recent incidents, scammers are representing themselves as part of known entities with the goal of scaring individuals to give out personal information like social security numbers and personal banking information or paying to receive prizes.

The Dubois County Sheriff’s Office has received multiple reports from concerned citizens about phone calls they have received in reference to Publishers Clearing House.

The scammers told the potential victims they would be arriving at their house shortly with the winnings. According to Publishers Clearing House, they never call winners of their contests. Any award of more than $500 is sent by certified express mail or given in person by a prize patrol.

Scammers will tell potential victims they have to pay their taxes on the winnings and attempt to get them to do so over the phone.

The Jasper Police Department announced they had received information of scammers pretending to be representatives for the Jasper Police Department calling residents to tell them their social security information has been stolen. The scammers even appear to be making calls from the police department’s phone number.

According to the department, they are not making any such calls and if you receive a call, don’t give the scammers any personal information.

If you feel like you have been involved in a scam, contact your local police department to report the incident.

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