Sisters of St. Benedict take precautions, pray amidst the coronavirus outbreak

The situation with the COVID-19 virus continues to evolve. 

The Sisters of St. Benedict are following the news closely while consulting with our community physician to make prudent decisions for our community and all who come to the monastery.

The sisters were scheduled to have a total community meeting this weekend. That has been canceled. Sister Anita Louise Lowe, Prioress, instead called for sisters to make Saturday, March 14, a day of prayer for all who are affected throughout our country and our world, for all medical personnel, and for all who are making decisions for the common good. We invite you to join us in asking God’s intercession to restore health to all and to maintain peace and good order as we deal with ramifications of the spread of this virus.

Also, our Benedictine Hospitality Center will refrain from housing overnight guests for the next 30 days. A reevaluation will be done at that time to determine if additional delays will occur. 

Precautions for visitors are being taken at the monastery. If you have questions regarding the restrictions before visiting, please call 812-367-1411 or follow us on facebook.com/FerdinandOSB.