Skating into Christmas Break

Fourth graders from Holy Trinity Catholic Schools listened to some basic instructions on how to fall and then get back up again before skating at the Skate Palace on Thursday. Photos by Matthew Crane. More below.

Students at Holy Trinity Catholic Schools spent Thursday either bowling or skating to top off the final week of this semester.

Throughout the week, students have had a myriad of fun events and activities.

On Monday, students at Precious Blood entered the school to find the hallways transformed into the Polar Express.

Tuesday, kindergarten through second grade went to the Astra Theatre to see “Moana” for the annual holiday treat trip.

Wednesday, both campuses had a fun holiday dress-up day.

And then on Thursday, third, fourth, and fifth graders headed to the Skate Palace for the annual holiday treat activity — third-grade teacher Kathy Wolf said she’s been coming to the Skate Palace with the students for about 20 years. And sixth through eighth grades headed to the Eastown Rec Center for some bowling fun.

These Holiday Treat events are sponsored by our Holy Trinity PTA and supervised by classroom teachers and administrators. 

Photos of the Skate Palace fun are below.

Abigail Nord, 9, had a hard time with forward momentum during limbo. Eventually, a friend gave her a little push to move along.
Maisy Rolwing, 8, took it easy as she got her roller skating feet under her for the first time during Thursday’s fun activity.
Skaters rounded the rink, some better than others.
A train of third graders new to skating made a couple of hesitant laps before venturing off the wall or grabbing a helper to stay upright.
Ben Bajorek slid underneath the bar during a round of limbo.
Fourth Grade Teacher Dana Buechlein observed the skaters from the sidelines during Thursday’s fun activity.
From left: Fifth graders Caroline Werne, Rowan Dismore, Camille Bauernfiend and Ella Bohnert attempted to hold hands and keep their balance for the final run around the rink