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Jasper exploring options for power plant

Jasper will begin the process of finding a company or organization interested in leasing the power plant again. The recommendation from the electric committee includes a broader scope of use for the power plant including another power production company or a research facility interested in using the power plant for exploring environmental technologies like carbon capture. […]

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Biomass lease terminated by Jasper Clean Energy

Dr. Norma Kreilein, her husband, Mike, Alec Kalla and Rock Emmert were all in session during the Jasper Utility Service Board (USB) meeting Monday night — the eve of Earth Day — when it was announced that Jasper Clean Energy would be terminating the lease to create a biomass power plant in Jasper. John Rudolf, a […]

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Healthy Dubois County awarded environmental grant

On April 8, 2014, Healthy Dubois County, Inc., was awarded a $500 grant from the not-for-profit environmental organization Heartwood. HDC’s grant proposal titled We Can‘t Breathe What We Burn focuses on the prevention of further pollution-related cancers and asthma in Jasper and the Dubois County area. Earmarked to support HDC’s renewed efforts to stop the proposed Jasper, […]

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Biomass judge asked to clarify case parameters

On Wednesday, Special Judge Sherry Gregg Gilmore heard arguments from attorneys for the City of Jasper and Healthy Dubois County, Inc. (HDC) on the city’s request for summary judgment concerning the scope of the upcoming trial. The city is asking that the upcoming trial not include the six executive sessions that were included in the […]

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Biomass lawsuit price tag exceeds $500,000 (so far)

Jasper — The City of Jasper’s defense in the lawsuit filed by Healthy Dubois County, Inc. in August of 2011 has cost city utility ratepayers over half a million dollars so far. The city has paid Bingham Greenebaum Doll, LLP, the firm representing the city, $514,547 on a nearly monthly schedule over the course of […]

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Jasper settlement offer rejected by Healthy Dubois County

Jasper — Jasper Utility Service Board Chairman Wayne Schuetter reported that the city had received a rejection notice to their settlement proposal in the ongoing lawsuit brought by Healthy Dubois County. Schuetter read from a prepared statement, “The City of Jasper is disappointed that Dr. Kreilein and Healthy Dubois County have rejected the settlement offer which was proposed […]

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Letter: Jasper’s biomass actions cost taxpayers thousands of dollars

Many persons have recently commented that it “appears” the biomass incinerator is dead, so HDC proposed a seven-point settlement offer. Mr. Kaiser and Mr. Schuetter blatantly misrepresented it to the public they supposedly serve. Five (settlement items) may equal seven at a Jasper USB meeting but that math wouldn’t pass elementary school. Jasper government thwarting […]

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Letter to the Editor: Jasper should protect citizens not interests

Dr. Shrader-Frechette’s second article predicts conservatively 40 deaths (compared to 2 from coal), 75 heart attacks, 730 asthma attacks, and greater than 4000 lost work days annually from the Jasper Clean Energy Center. Her first article revealed ultrafine particulates are 65 times more toxic than equivalent mass coal particulates. Multiple independent university scientists reviewed both articles […]

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Letter: City of Jasper shouldn’t keep mum about biomass articles

Healthy Dubois County challenges the City of Jasper to publicly respond to the two articles published as both identify serious public health, ecological and financial risks associated with the proposed biomass incinerator. While Bud Hauersperger is quoted in a recent article as saying, “We’ve discussed it with each other off and on, but we are waiting […]

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