Take a ride on the Birk & Berg Bike Track

A group of new and experienced mountain bikers has been meeting since last year to build a mountain bike track in Jasper. The Jasper Bike Club also meets on Tuesdays to work on mountain biking skills. The group is open to anyone looking to be involved with the development of the track or learn about the sport. More information is available at the group’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/trailheadsmtb/.

Coleman Lovelace watered a mound as volunteers molded and compacted the dirt to create a jump and berm along the new mountain bike trail in Jasper during a volunteer workday last Saturday. The mountain bike trail called Birk & Berg Bike Track in honor of the families that owned the property previously is about three quarters of a mile and twists and turns through a small pocket of woods between the Jasper High School and The Parklands. <Photos by Matthew Crane.>
Lovelace has been guiding the construction of the track — it is always under construction as the group adds bumps, rollers and berms to improve it constantly — since last year when he received permission to build it on some wooded property between the Jasper High School and The Parklands.
Eli Pfaff, 4, worked with the group building a new berm to create a safer turn along a portion of the mountain bike trail.
Lovelace scanned the trail for any other obstacles that may need to be moved or adjusted to improve the trail. Local mountain biking enthusiasts and community members have donated labor and construction equipment to work on the trail.
Jack Schafer, 12, Jasper tosses dirt on the new berm during a construction day at the trail. Jack has taken up mountain biking recently and is excelling at the sport. Not only is Jack working on the trail to improve it for his own fun, but he is also completing the 14 hours of volunteer work necessary for a Boy Scout badge.
Jack Schaffer, 12, Jasper, enjoys a portion of the trail he helped create with his dad, Brandon, following behind. The two were part of the weekly group that meets at the new mountain bike trail on Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m.
Sebastian Graham, 14, Jasper, flew through the woods along the new mountain bike trail in Jasper during a Tuesday evening meetup with the local bike group, Jasper Bike Club. The quick track is about three-quarters of a mile and can be run in about 5 minutes. It features twists and turns with easy rollers, some ramps, and tight, bermed turns. It is open to the public. It is fun enough for an experienced mountain biker to enjoy but also easy enough to introduce new riders to the sport.
Tuesday, Cody Gress, 24, Jasper, caught some air on a new ramp the volunteer group built on Saturday.
Tuesday, Conner Gress, 24, Jasper, ran the fast tight turn the volunteer group created at last Saturday’s volunteer session. The new berm creates a safer turn that leads to a nice ramp on the new mountain bike trail.
Lovelace ramped on the new ramp the volunteer group built last Saturday.
Justin Gruber, 24, Jasper, ran along a series of small hills called a dragon’s back while riding the Birk & Berg Bike Track on Tuesday.
Coleman Lovelace took an easy ride with his son, Asher, 4, at the end of the meeting of the Jasper Bike Club on Tuesday.