The Process: A photo

One photo. The running group gathered around the fire pit feature on the northwest quadrant of the Square after running on Tuesday.

The runners got together at 7 a.m. on the Fourth of July for a special training run with breakfast afterward.

I showed up at 8:15ish and took this photo.

There are a couple more, but nothing worth sharing.

Breakfast was some fruit and cinnamon rolls, and KJ made pour-over coffee in his Chemex. The group conversed for about an hour after the run.

Farmer and I talked about being older and running. He said he started running when he was 49. I forgot to ask him his current age — I don’t know if you can tell, but I really wasn’t into working on the Fourth of July, but this is The Process…

Anyway, he said that usually, it takes the first mile to get things loosened up when he is running. I can relate. I turned 49 on Sunday, and I joke with my friends that I have to warm up before I can warm up.

He also said the rain last week helped the crops a lot. I asked about corn being knee-high by the Fourth of July, and he said that was an old saying that predates modern farming techniques. He then gave me a lesson on how farmers would plow between the rows of corn to push dirt up around the stalks to slow the weed growth.

If you read last week’s entry, I lost the group as I attempted to capture some frames. Apparently, the group does get spread out during the runs and generally reroutes if they can’t remember the exact planned route. It works out because everyone trickles back to the starting point eventually.

Training for the Heartland Half Marathon continues. You can see the schedule here and join the group if you want to train. More information is on Facebook here. I can’t wait to start back up training. I have been sidelined with a couple of issues that are finally subsiding.

If you are just getting here and wondering what this is all about, here is the first story in this series that looks at the process of story creation. I don’t necessarily have a clear vision for a story yet.

Spelling and grammar mistakes are intentional.

If you made it this far, here is a photo of KJ’s coffee setup.