Third ‘NO C2D’ Forum “Let’s Act to Save Our Health and Homes” well attended

The third in a series of forums to educate the public about the health and economic hazards associated with the proposed, massive coal-to-diesel refinery in Dale was held on Thursday evening, November 1, in the Heritage Hills High School auditorium.

Titled “Let’s Act to Save Our Health and Homes” and co-sponsored by Southwestern Indiana Citizens for Quality of Life and Ferdinand’s Project ACORN, the event was attended by 160 people, who braved the wind and rain to hear Erin Marchand MD, Norma Kreilein MD FAAP, chemical engineer Randy Vaal, farmer Jerry Steckler, and Mary Hess, representing SICQL.

The group’s website is and was voluntarily created by Dr. Marchand with pro-bono support from other local healthcare/science professionals.

The speakers, all unpaid volunteers, expressed dismay about IDEM’s press release issued the week of October 29 that stated, without any medical citations, that the large volumes of pollution emitted daily from the refinery would cause no significant health effects in the area.

Speakers stated that IDEM’s report ignores a preponderance of evidence, scientific studies, and common sense to the contrary and illustrates Indiana’s history in recent decades of summarily approving super polluters in southwestern Indiana with seemingly no regard for public health. Of utmost concern is the state’s failure to address the area’s existing prevalence of cancer clusters, asthma, high infant mortality rates, high special education rates, and other childhood developmental issues and cardio-vascular illnesses already affected by air and water pollution.

Mary Hess shared that the all-volunteer citizens’ group already has 1,400 local and area citizens’ signatures opposing the facility, with more signatures coming in regularly and more lawn signs being requested. She also emphasized the importance of attending and speaking at the upcoming IDEM public hearing at 5:30 Central on Wednesday, December 5, also in the Heritage Hills auditorium.

Written public comments are also being accepted through Monday, December 10. Citizens are asked to refer to permit number T147-39554-00065. The contact information is Doug Logan, IDEM, Office of Air Quality, 100 North Senate Avenue, MC 61-53 IGCN 1003, Indianapolis, IN 46204-2251, FAX 317-232-6749 Attn. Doug Logan; or e-mail to The phone number is 317-234-5328 or 800-451-6027.

“We are concerned about our tourism and property values,” Hess added. “The site of this refinery–the first ever built in the western hemisphere–will surely diminish the beauty of our landscape as many people come to our area to enjoy the Hoosier National Forest and Lincoln Parks–not to mention the thousands of people who attend Holiday World every season.”

3 Responses to Third ‘NO C2D’ Forum “Let’s Act to Save Our Health and Homes” well attended

  1. Daryl Hensley November 8, 2018 at 12:55 pm #

    It seems that NO C2D can’t except the truth given to them by government agencies hired to protect the environment. IDEM is an Indiana government agency regulated by the State of Indiana and all of the political subdivisions voted in by the citizens of the State of Indiana. IDEM is managed by the elected officials voted in by the citizens in Spencer County, SW Indiana and the entire state. On top of that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a Federal Government Agency, managed by the elected officials, voted in by the citizens of the United States. IDEM spoke truth to the citizens of Spencer County and SW Indiana.

    Now let’s look at who really is trying to deceive the citizens.

    NO C2D stated:

    -“The plant will emit 2.2 million tons per year”, yet IDEM, per the permit, restricts the annual CO2 emissions to just 11.2% of that amount (see page 77 of permit).

    -” The plant will emit nearly 750 tons a year of pollutants, including Nitrogen Oxides (Ozone), Sulfur Dioxide, and Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPS)” The IDEM permit restricts the annual emission of SO2 (sulfur), NOx (nitrogen) and VOC’s to 148.78 tons per year (see pages 74-78 of IDEM permit). This is well below the grossly exaggerated claims of NO C2D.

    -“IDEM is working with Riverview to pass its permit”. That’s what IDEM does. Our elected officials work with IDEM to set pollution standards for our state and to work within EPA regulations to assure a healthy environment. This plant like AK Steel and AEP will be loaded with IDEM approved pollution monitoring systems.

    NO C2D is upset that the environmental standards that NO C2D prefers are not what the citizens of Indiana approved when it elects its federal, state and local government officials. So what is NO C2D alternative? Obstruct, delay, protest and litigate. That is the play book that the Sierra Club, Valley Watch and other extreme environmental groups use. They misstate the facts, play on your fears by making false claims about children’s health, odors, loss of tourism, etc. The facts are they did the same when AK Steel applied, They did the same when AEP applied and yet the sky hasn’t fallen. They hope that all of the obstruction, delay, fear mongering and litigation will cause Riverview to pull out.

    If it hasn’t already happened, the next step is to get you to fund an expensive lawsuits. Get your wallets out NO C2D supporters, if you haven’t already.

    Daryl Hensley, Jasper IN

  2. Jeff November 9, 2018 at 9:25 am #

    Why does the plant need to be IN Dale? There is plenty of land for a site 10 or 15 miles outside of Dale. The new workers can’t drive a few miles for their coal work? A slight buffer like that might help with the rotten egg smell that the plant will produce.

    Why is that Daryl? Obviously it comes down to money. money, money, money, money, money!

  3. Daryl Hensley November 9, 2018 at 1:18 pm #

    Jeff I guess the city of Dale doesn’t want to become the ghost towns that Chrisney and Gentryville have become. You need money to pay for infrastructure improvements and keep things operating. What I find odd is those that oppose Riverview. Most of the leaders live outside of the Dale city limits and pay no taxes to support the city, yet they are quick at telling the city that Riverview is a bad option. Do those who oppose Riverview, who live in Christmas Lake Village, understand that if not for Holiday World footing most of the tax burden there, Christmas Lake Village wouldn’t exist. In 1990 Dale’s population had declined to 1553 people, Santa Claus’s population had grown to 927. In 2016 Dale’s population has declined to 1532 and Santa Claus has grown to 2463. Why shouldn’t Dale benefit from a new plant with decades to come technology that will sustain the town financially? Why should the citizens of Santa Claus have say in how Dale can grow their tax base. NO C2D says that the property values will be hurt in Dale. The truth is the property values will go up when Dale starts repairing aged infrastructure. Repaired streets, better fire equipment, upgraded parks, etc. the difference between Dale and Santa Claus will be that the average Riverview employee will make way more money than the average Holiday World employee.

    Jeff it’s always about the money.

    Daryl Hensley, Jasper IN