Three Dubois County Democrats switch party affiliation

Three current Dubois County office holders have announced they are changing their party affiliation from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party.

Dubois County Prosecuting Attorney Anthony Quinn, Dubois County Councilman Craig Greulich and Dubois County Assessor Angie Giesler announced their change in affiliation in a joint press release on Wednesday.

Quinn announced his decision to officially change his party affiliation was due to changes in the local Democratic Party’s stances on national issues.  

“While I greatly appreciate the support I have been given by the local Democratic Party over the years, they have recently taken a more national political view that is not in line with my personal values,” he said. “I feel they have lost sight of what is and has been traditionally important to the people of Dubois County. As a prosecutor, support for law enforcement is important to me, as is holding criminals accountable who harm our communities. We have seen a national trend among democrats to defund police and remove personal responsibility and accountability.  Those are things I can’t stand for and a big reason for my party switch today.”

Quinn is appreciative of the support given by members of the community in electing him to serve as prosecutor.

“I often hear when making their choice on who to support, people vote for the person, not the party,” he said. “I appreciate and share that view, however, after self-reflection, I found my personal political ideals most closely align with the Dubois County Republicans and could no longer serve under the democrat banner.” 

“I have gotten to know Anthony Quinn quite well both personally and professionally during his time as prosecutor. He is a solid conservative across the board. I am pleased to have Anthony join the Republican party. I know he will continue to serve the county very well,” said State Senator Mark Messmer (R).

Quinn is expected to make an announcement about his future plans in the coming days. 

Dubois County Councilman Craig Greulich, who will be seeking a third term in 2022 announced he is switching his party affiliation from Democratic to Republican as well. “My values have never changed because I am focused on Dubois County first, and that will continue,” he said.

“Those values and beliefs have always been traditional and fall within the conservative side of the political spectrum,” Greulich added. “I am certain that those beliefs have not changed for me and after giving much thought to this I find that I align most with the Republican Party.”

Dubois County Assessor Giesler said that she has been evaluating her position as a Democrat and her personal values.

“In the last few months, I’ve felt the need to reevaluate what my political beliefs are, and I find that I fall more on the conservative side than where the Democratic party is today,” Giesler said. “After talking with some Republican leaders, I have decided to make a change and file for re-election for Dubois County Assessor as a Republican.”



  1. Don’t come running back when you figure out that Republicans are ok with an American coup….

    Jan 6…. A day smart people will never forget.

  2. LOL, wouldn`t be able to handle defeat. Smart move. maybe now we can get some of the laws struck down that the Communist Democrats put in place the last 20+ years. Maybe we will be free to live on our own property and enjoy life without some CommyCrat trying to tell us what we can or can`t do on our own property. Hopefully this is a trend for the rest of the USA.

    1. You do realize that these are county candidates that can only work with laws that exist, they cannot change anything. On the other hand, Senator Mark Messmer wants to build an unwanted road that will allow the state government to take home owners property.

      1. You mean like the laws that the council passed that restricts what we can do with our land. we can`t give a Niece or nephew any land unless it becomes a subdivision. that is Communism. And about ordinance to clean up our property? Communism. And illegal trespassing of Assessors on our property? the list is endless what the County Council has enforced to take away our freedoms. The Democrat Defectors will now bring their Socialism to the republican Party. Seems like you Liberals would be happy.

        1. Let me guess. You either let your grass too long or you have a broken down truck or two in your yard that you are “working on” and the city got mad at you for it.

          The founding fathers weep at your injustice.

        2. Fun fact I forgot about! Both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln both briefly worked as land surveyors. They almost certainly the same brand of trespassing you are going on about. Horrid Commies all of them!

  3. Sorry. I don’t buy it. In Dubois County we vote the person. We reelect citizens that do a good job. The switch of party affiliation is totally your personal choice. If the Republican party really reflects your core values, …Democrats can do better than you.

    1. That’s quite an optimistic view of the local citizenry. Someone has almost certainly voted to have their own house bulldozed for the mid state corridor because they had no idea or didn’t care that It’s Braun and Messmer’s pet project.

  4. Every Republican in this area, is pushing the mid-states corridor full steam ahead. Until you people around here own your damn eyes, and do your own homework, they will continue to force their agendas on all of us. Why is this project still pressing forward even with all the outrage against it? There’s a supermajority of Republicans in our state government and they’ll push through anything THEY, not those that they represent, want. Whatever will help line their pockets at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who or what’s in their way, that’s how it works. All you sheep who still believe the “Big lie”, can continue to blame the Democrats all you want, but look at your own state legislature first, then come back here and tell us all whose agenda is getting forced upon everyone here.

  5. Shouldn’t everyone be required to post an opinion or a comment with full real name ?

    1. No, because there I’ve seen at least three times people being threatened by other commentators on this site.

      The free press seems to have no problem approving those comments or doing any kind of moderation beyond the bare minimum, and even that is inconsistent, so the alias stays.

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