Trivia Night: Dubsteppers win by default

Jeremy Damon moderated the event. A swag bag for the winners is displayed on the table.

At the first weekly Trivia Night held at the Old School Cafe’ Team Dubsteppers won by default after losing by four points to Team BADK who were disqualified due to being employees at the restaurant.

The night may have gone differently but for the fact that after winning the first round of questions, Team Andrew’s Mother quit. Team coach, Andrew’s Mother, stated the team wanted to go out on a winning streak and they had finished eating. The vacancy left a hole for Team BADK to move into first and maintain the position the four remaining regular rounds and the bonus round.

Odd Job without his hubcap

Team Dubsteppers, composed of Matt “The Editor” Crane, David “So you think you can dance” Smith, and Jacob “Dubstep isn’t a verb, Dad” Crane, played strongly but fell to a couple of gimme questions. In one such instance Jacob mixed up the words “a tire” with the word “attire” and threw the team a curve by answering ” hubcap” to the question “What piece of attire did the Bond villain Odd Job routinely use to dispatch enemies?”. Confused by the answer “hubcap”, Matt attempted to recover but was slightly off with the answer of “top hat”; the accepted answer was “bowler”.

The disqualified winners relied on two key strategies to take the evening. If the two members of the team didn’t know the answer, they would ask Old School Cafe’ owner Bob Ahlemyer. If he didn’t know the answer they answered “Africa” as a default. Africa was never a correct answer but Bob led the team to some key victories early in the game.

Hint: An answer to one question will appear each week in the sidebar of the DC Freep website.

At the end of the evening Team BADK was disqualified, Dubsteppers took first place, and Zombie came in third but took best team name. The First Place Swag Bag included a Dubois County Bombers hat only a toddler could wear, a German American coffee mug that incited a fight between teammates, a set of Vintage Pepsi cups, a rubber band, and various other items found around Fourth Street, but what greater prize is there than knowing your team was the trivia champion of the evening?

Trivia Night will recur on Wednesday evenings at Old School Cafe’ at 7:00 p.m. A buffet is available as well as the full regular menu. Form a team and check it out.

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