Voter registration confirmation cards sent out


The Dubois County Clerk’s Office wants to remind residents that the cards they are receiving in the mail are part of the state’s efforts to update the voter registration list.

According to Clerk Bridgitte Jarboe, voters may have already received a card similar to the one pictured above. These cards have been mailed to all registered voters in the State of Indiana and are used to update the voter registration list in the state. By law, voters must receive these cards twice before being listed as inactive.

“We have very strict laws that say how or why a person may ever be removed,” Jarboe explained. “By law a person may not be removed as a voter (active or inactive) unless they are  deceased, convicted of a crime and placed in jail. They can be removed if the voter submits an authorization to cancel their registration or the county or state conducts a mailing like the State is doing at this time.”

Residents have until July 24 to update their voter information but for those whose address hasn’t changed, they can disregard the postcard.

According to Jarboe, if voters have moved and do not return any of the notices, they will be put on the inactive list. “This doesn’t mean they cannot vote. It simply means they did not confirm or update their voter information,” she explained. “If they vote in November, they will be reclassified as an active voter.”

For more information, call the Dubois County Clerk’s Office at 812-481-7037.

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