West Baden teams up with Indiana manufacturer to bring good night’s sleep to homes

Well-rested guests who have visited West Baden Springs Hotel have left rave reviews as “the best sleep I’d had in ages” and “best sleep in forever.”

A quality night of sleep can definitely be tough to find. That’s why West Baden Springs Hotel and Bowles Mattress Company are excited to launch a partnership that can help everyone rest a little easier.

Through a joint venture between a pair of Indiana businesses, the mattress that Bowles Mattress Company has produced exclusively for West Baden Springs Hotel will soon be sold through select retailers in Indiana and Kentucky. Currently, these custom mattresses are made solely for West Baden Springs Hotel and are designed and handcrafted by the Bowles Mattress Company based in Jeffersonville, Ind.

West Baden Springs Hotel started featuring the exclusive Bowles mattresses in its hotel rooms in 2015. Since introducing the mattresses, West Baden Springs Hotel has received numerous inquiries from guests about purchasing them. The volume of requests picked up even more after an article in the July 23, 2018 issue of USA Today that touted West Baden Springs Hotel as being ranked No. 2 in the country for top-rated sleep.

The USA Today article cited a survey released in February by MattressAdvisor.com of the top 25 hotels for sleep quality in America. West Baden Springs Hotel came in second in the ratings, which compiled by polling 1,000 Americans about bed comfort in the hotels they’ve visited throughout the country. The survey took into account Facebook star ratings, Google ratings and the number of positive sleep-related mentions (such as beds, mattresses and pillows) in online reviews.

In the USA Today article, writer Christopher Elliott explored some of the obstacles guests face to getting a restful night of sleep while traveling, also noting that 81 percent of travelers say a comfortable bed is the “single-most important” feature in a hotel room. In Elliott’s story, he mentioned West Baden specifically as being among the best of the best: “I’ve stayed at two of the top-rated sleep hotels, the West Baden Springs Hotel (No. 2) and the Hotel Emma in San Antonio (No. 8), and I slept well in both of them.”

Other previous West Baden visitors seem to agree about the plush comfort and ample support of the mattress they slept on. Since the USA Today story, consumers from surrounding cities including Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Chicago, Bloomington and Louisville have reached out about wanting to purchase the premium mattress made by Bowles.

A family-owned company started in 1975 by George and Opal Bowles, the Bowles Mattress Company has expanded into a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. All three of George and Opal’s children became involved in the business and their son, Billy, has since taken on the role of president of the company.

Currently, the company distributes its mattresses in Indiana, Kentucky and Southern Ohio. Bowles produces 40 different mattress models that are sold through retail partners within a 200-mile radius of it manufacturing facility in Jeffersonville, IN. They also have dedicated Bowles retail stores along with a contract division supplying hotels, university dormitories, charitable organizations and senior living facilities


2 Responses to West Baden teams up with Indiana manufacturer to bring good night’s sleep to homes

  1. Judith Sturm December 4, 2018 at 2:54 pm #

    I must tell you that my Daughter in LaGrange, Ky started buying Bowles mattresses for her tall son and family several years ago. Word spread through the family about the superior Bowles product and now, several households use them. We love ours in Vincennes, In!!!

  2. Mrs. Ima Ruth Green December 5, 2018 at 8:33 am #

    Interested folks better act quickly after this – the prices are going up, up, up!