Why is the water going down

water from the emergency spillway
Water finds its way down anyway it can when it comes through the emergency spillway.

According to Stan Akin, the Park Manager at Patoka Lake, the lake level is coming down as over 39,375 gallons per second continues to flow through the control gates and the emergency spillway.

At this time the gates are allowing 24,375 gallons per second through and approximately15,000 gallons per second is running through the spillway.

In regards to why the Patoka River is actually lowering as the day progresses, Akin stated that they aren’t sure but are speculating one of two scenarios: the gauge is not correct due to the tremendous amount of flow; or the portions of the river below Jasper have washed and broken loose so much material that it is actually draining better.

Because of this it is hard to determine how much the river may crest at now.

Concerning the lakes role in preventing flooding and why the river will still flood, Akin stated that the drainage area that feeds the lake is only 168 square miles, whereas the drainage area that is above Jasper is approximately 450 square miles.

The lake level hit an all time record high yesterday of 549.65 feet and its 8800 acre boundary grew to over 12,000 acres.

Akin stated that the Army Corp of Engineers is maintaining a 24/7 watch at the office and that access to the dam control office is blocked by water.