Women’s Health, Wealth and Success regional conference held in Jasper

The Jasper Chamber collaborated with seven area chambers, including Gibson, Pike, Knox, Linton-Stockton, Perry, Spencer, and Warrick, to put together the second annual regional women’s conference on Friday, October 28, 2022, at the Thyen-Clark Cultural Center in Jasper, Indiana.

The focus of the conference was on health, wealth, and success. It was a sold-out event with close to 200 attendees. The doors opened with breakfast and networking and an energetic kick-off with Kim Strobel, a motivational speaker from Tell City. Strobel gave a relatable, comforting, informative, and empowering presentation on the science of happiness.

“Instead of feeling weak about your struggles, look back at all of the mountains you’ve climbed, give yourself that credit.” Strobel stated, adding, “When you get rid of the toxicity in your life, good things will happen.” 

They had a high-power panel discussion with Dr. Sonya Williams, OB/GYN of Greene County, Dr. Laura Treaner, Provost at Vincennes University, and  Jacinda Hughen Financial Advisor with The Oldham White Monroe Group at Baird.  Their vast array of backgrounds gave attendees the opportunity to ask a wide variety of questions.  

“When I found out it was a women’s event and healthcare was a portion of it, I wanted to be a part of it,” Dr. Williams said. “Giving a foundation to know what to say to your doctor and to know how to discuss it because it can be hard.” 

Pat Koch with Santa Claus Village & Museum said she was compelled to participate because she is always interested in empowering women.  

“I remember being told in high school, ‘why would you want to go to college?'” Koch said. “So that is why I want to teach and learn at this event. Also, I get to meet all the great women at it.”

The 91-year-old’s speech was filled with a funny, heartfelt, and motivational message about the qualities you need to succeed.

Speaking on behalf of Sisson Steel, Emily Gaskins said the company sponsored the event because “we are a small woman-owned business committed to supporting other women, especially in our community and Southern Indiana.”

“Events like the Women’s Conference allow women to connect with each other in a way we don’t get to on a daily basis,” Gaskins added. “It feels really amazing to be in a room full of women supporting each other. It allows for a unique opportunity to share knowledge and wisdom.”

The attendees recognized the tremendous efforts put forth by the organizers and chambers of commerce involved.

“We all benefit from regional collaboration, so there is nothing better than seeing the women who lead Chambers of Commerce from Pike and surrounding areas partner to empower 200 women through one event. Inspirational on so many levels. I want to thank the planning team and sponsors of this event,” stated Cindy Barber, an attendee from Daviess County and a Purdue Extension Educator.

The event closed with a presentation from Paula Pinkstaff and her career journey with Toyota. The 2023 Regional Women’s Conference will be held in Gibson County next year on Sept. 29.