You never know what you’ll find… Overbeck Strings

The Overbeck Strings, from left, Edna Overbeck, Darlene Padgett, Martha Feldmeyer, not pictured is member Ann Fierst

While walking down Fourth Street in Huntingburg this morning I noticed what appeared to be a string ensemble in the window of the Antique Emporium. Intrigued, I entered the shop and heard the final strands of Precious Memories floating among the antiques. I shot a few pictures and then spoke with the trio as they took a break.

Known as the Overbeck Strings, the group consists of the matriarch Edna Overbeck, daughter Martha Feldmeyer, daughter Ann Fierst, and Darlene Padgett, who although not a daughter of Edna’s may as well be one. The group had been playing in the window all morning and would continue to play until noon.

They formed several years ago and have been playing at churches and social events for some time. The group likes to use Irish instruments like the dulcimer and a drum called a bodhrán and usually plays folk songs and of course gospels. “We speed up Precious Memories for the Baptists and slow it back down for the rest,” they claimed.

Today the group had fiddles, a harp, a dulcimer, a tin whistle, and Edna was banging on the bodhrán. She started playing the bodhrán when she was 8o, just 11 years ago.

Edna Overbeck playing the dulcimer

Edna showed off her tatting as well, you’ll notice in the photo she’s wearing a white bonnet, the lace is handmade and then sewn onto the edge. Tatting is a decorative style from the 18th Century.

Yes, Edna plays the drum, the dulcimer, tats, and also weaves with the musical group. The women handmake rugs, place mats, and coasters and sell them at the Antique Emporium.

Carla Pershing, the owner of Antique Emporium, invited them in for the opening day of the Daffodil Stroll.

Hmmm. . . you never know what you’ll find walking around on a sunny day.

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